Quality Assurance Methods

Jamison Professional Services, Inc.’s (JPS) quality methods are based upon five realistic practices to instill quality throughout each process from a smooth transition period to long-term program enhancement initiatives.


  • Provide what the customer requests by promoting a proactive communication and partnering between all team members. The result is flexibility, individual initiative and clear  understanding of changing requirements; and
  • Hire the best qualified staff. We develop detailed position descriptions and maintain a stringent qualification and hiring process; and
  • Empower employees to do their jobs by providing in-depth, hands-on orientation to ensure our staff understands job requirements; and
  • Uphold individual accountability by establishing objective performance rating criteria for each employee. Ratings are directly correlated to quality and teamwork; and
  • Instill quality within each process through the creation of a work environment that promotes an attitude of ownership from the workforce that encourages the development of new efficient processes resulting in higher quality performance output.